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Rodos island is unquestionably one of the most important parts of Greece. It is located in the east of Aegean Sea within striking distance of Turkey. Being situated within island complex known as Dodecanese, Rodos is also the widest island with the largest population among the islands.


The Island hosted Colossus of Rhodes, the large-scale statue, recognized among seven wonders of the world. This statue, presumably estimated as higher than 30 meters, was built in honor of triumph of Rodos island against Cyprus island in 226 BC.



The citizens of Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia must have at least six months valid passports from the date of travel at the gate of Greek islands, short-term visa procedure at the gates of the islands is called visa at gate. The visas at gate are started to be issued on April or May each year. Accommodation of 5 Nights and 6 Days in Rhodes island is allowed with the visa at gate, a single-entry visa is issued to Rhodes island with the visa at gate. The documents required for the visa at gate are given below. The required documents for your application of visa at gate are sent by our company to the official authorities in Rhodes island 4 days ago from date of your travel. Our Ferry rides from Fethiye to Rhodes are operated every day of the week between 30th March and 31th October. To make Booking for Rhodes Ferry --- you can purchase it from our link www.lukkatravel.com now.


  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • A copy of the passport (copy of the pages with previous visas and stamps, if any)
  • 2 biometric passport photos
  • Detailed and active bank account statement – detailed with the last 4 months, final balance of 2000-3000 TL, wet signature and seal and the list of authorized signatories of the bank
  • Hotel reservation - with signature and seal, showing that it has been paid and the names of the guests and the dates (it can also be carried out by us)
  • SGK service breakdown without barcode; if not, travel health insurance
  • Student document for the students
  • It is required to obtain a letter of consent if traveling with a mother only or a father only for minor passenger.
  • To sign the last pages and petitions of the application form


  • Application form
  • Petition
  • Ferry ticket
  • Optional hotel reservation

Delivery and follow-up of the documents

According to the updated information, approximately more than 120 thousand of people are living in the Island. The Island hosted Colossus of Rhodes, the large-scale statue, recognized among seven wonders of the world. This statue, presumably estimated as higher than 30 meters, was built in honor of triumph of Rhodes island against Cyprus island in 226 BC. But according to the historical information, it was demolished in the earthquake that was believed to occur in 280 BC. Starting from this point of view, we can say that the history of the island goes back a long way. Today, the city center dating from the Middle Ages is listed on the World Heritage List. Moreover, the Rhodes island is shown as one of the most popular tourism destinations of Europe and Greece.

1.1. Rhodes Island Transportation and Ferry Services

Despite that it is said that Rhodes, stated as close to Turkey, is accessible from several ports over Turkey, basically it can be reached from Fethiye, which is the closest location, by approximately one-hour ferry ride. At this point, our company provide you quality service with the opportunities of Fethiye - Rhodes Ferry Tour or Rhodes - Fethiye Ferry Tour.

You can ask us all questions in your mind at the point of visa procedures for going to Rhodes island which we pointed out in the next paragraph in detail. After preparing all incomplete documents regarding the visa, you can purchase your ticket from our company at first and after that, passport check-in and ferry boarding process is carried out. During all these stages, our staff accompanies you

Our ferry is Catamaran-type and is currently the safest vehicle of sea travel in the World. A section for your need of food and bar during the journey is included within the ferry. You can buy drinks and food here for reasonable rates.

And some of our other services being provided for you in Rhodes Island and Fethiye are;

+ Hotel Reservation for Accommodation Service
+ Car Rental Service,
+ Regional tours for groups accompanies by paid guides. 

1.2. How to Visit Rhodes Island Without Visa

By the fact that Rhodes Island is within Greece and that Greece is a member state of the European Union, if you are not a green passport holder, it is strictly required to have a Schengen visa to enter Greek Islands. Unfortunately, traveling by ferry does not change this rule. Starting from this point, there is no possibility to enter any Greek islands without Visa even if you are a day tripper. But as an exceptional case for traveling Greek islands by ferry; the issuance of temporary visa, namely border gate visa has been initiated. You must apply our company for this type of visa with the required documents at least 3-4 days before your trip

1.3. Rhodes Island Car Rental 

We can say that the services of public transport in Rhodes Island is more successful than the other Greek Islands. A regular and scheduled public transport network is available on the island. You can get the frequent destinations by public transport from Mandraki Port for 2 Euro per person. But it is more reasonable to rent a car for making the best of Rhodes Island. You can rent a car through our company. You can get the detailed information about car rental as, again, in all other matters by contacting us from the information available on our contact page. Car rental fees vary between €40-60 depending on period of your trip to the island. But at this point, we must remind you that, if you go to the island in the peak season and plan to rent a car, it is better to make a reservation in advance as there will be an excess demand to the vehicles for rent. Therefore, we kindly recommend you to purchase the car rental service at the time of purchasing your Rhodes ticket.

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